Gift Card

Sofie Schnoor Gift Card

Give a gift card to Sofie Schnoor's webshop to someone you care about, and they can choose their own favorite gift.

Sofie Schnoor Gift Card can be purchased on our International website under Gift Card.

Our gift card is sent to you pr. e-mail after the purchase. It is therefore important that you enter correct e-mail address and that you save your e-mail with the gift card.

If you delete your email or have entered the wrong email, contact our webshop customer service.

The gift card can only be used in the currency in which it was purchased. The amount cannot be changed after the purchase has been completed.

Is it possible to use more than one gift card on an order and together with other promotion codes?

Yes you can use several gift cards to pay for the same order, and it can also be combined with promotion codes.

How long is a Sofie Schnoor gift card valid for?

The gift card can be used for two years from the date of purchase. The expiry date is indicated on the gift card that you receive by mail.

Can I get my gift card paid out?

Any residual value can be refunded for up to one year after the gift card expires. The gift card can only be refunded in the same currency in which it was purchased.